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Open Educational & Open Access Resources: Audio, Video, and Images (various licenses)

An Eclectic Collection of Audio, Video and Image Sites

These sites represent some of the many audio, video and image sites on the Internet. An attempt has been made to limit sites to those with no charge for use, although copyright restrictions may still exist. As always, copyright must be respected,  all use of material must be cited and the source acknowledged.



Finding CC Licensed YouTube Videos

YouTube is an excellent tool to find CC licensed videos. Follow these steps:

  1. Do a search in YouTube
  2. Click on the Filter option
  3. Under Features, select Creative Commons.
  4. To confirm if the selected YouTube video is CC licensed, click Show more option.
  5. If it is CC licensed, it will say Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). If it is not CC licensed, it will say Standard YouTube license.

youtube cc search