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HUMN 3H World Myths in Literature, Arts & Film: Beginning your search

General Keywords

  • Mythology, 
  • Heroes -- Mythology, 
  • Heroes in motion pictures, 
  • Folklore -- Psychological aspects
  • Mythology in motion pictures
  • Fairy tales -- History and criticism,
  • Women -- Folklore
  • Fairy tales -- History and criticism, 
  • Symbolism in fairy tales, 
  • Deluge, (Flood myths)
  • Myth in motion pictures
  • Social Science / Folklore & Mythology

Searching for e-books

If you know the title of the e-book, enter it in quotes in the search everything box. If you do not know the title, use the search everything on the library homepage, using your keywords. After your results come up,  select e-books as your source type. You can now narrow your e-books, using subject as described on this page. Each e-book will also have a link for "relevent pages", which will help you decide if the material is helpful to your research.

Beginning your search

Basic information on your topic can be found in the reference books and encyclopedias listed under the Home page. While doing research for your project, you may find you need more in depth information about your topic than an encyclopedia will provide.

There is a wealth of information available in the databases provided by Foothill College. They are specially created collections of scholarly articles, as well as articles from news and magazine sources. For your project you may want to restrict your search to scholarly material or you might need to find examples in popular fiction or film.

Keywords will help you narrow in on your topic. If your topic was comparing scholarly examples of stories of Zeus with films on the same topic, you need to figure out the keywords to search on. Try starting with Zeus as a keyword. This is going to give a lot of results ( over 80,000!), but narrow it down by clicking Full Text.

Also look at the Subject category: one of the options is Greek mythology. Choosing that narrows the articles to below 400. At this point look at the type of material left. You can see periodicals (magazines), academic journals (the scholarly material written by experts in the field), film and books






Now you need to narrow your topic. Looking further at the Subject area, you can click "Show more" to see other choices.


You can choose the subject that fits best to your topic.

Where to start

The Foothill College Library uses a powerful search tool to search the library catalog as well as the databases.

Search everything here: