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HUMN 3H World Myths in Literature, Arts & Film: Ritual

Ritual includes the works of Victor Turner (more articles in JStor), Mircea Eliade, and Bruce Lincoln in addition to resources about Shamanism.


First published in 1951, Shamanism soon became the standard work in the study of this mysterious and fascinating phenomenon. Writing as the founder of the modern study of the history of religion, Romanian scholar Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) surveys the practice of Shamanism over two and a half millennia of human history, moving from the Shamanic traditions of Siberia and Central Asia--where Shamanism was first observed--to North and South America, Indonesia, Tibet, China, and beyond. In this authoritative survey, Eliade illuminates the magico-religious life of societies that give primacy of place to the figure of the Shaman--at once magician and medicine man, healer and miracle-doer, priest, mystic, and poet. Synthesizing the approaches of psychology, sociology, and ethnology, Shamanism will remain for years to come the reference book of choice for those intrigued by this practice.


  • Shamanism
  • Ritual
  • Sacred space
  • Spirit possession--Africa, West
  • Dance--Africa, West--Religious aspects
  • Ewe (African people)--Music--Religious aspects
  • Music--Africa, West--Religious aspects
  • Ewe (African people)--Rites and ceremonies

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e-books about Ritual

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