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Resources for Foothill Faculty: Library Instruction

This guide describes library resources and services designed to support Foothill College faculty.

Foothill Library Instruction Program

Foothill Library's Instruction Program includes course-related instruction, information literacy modules in Canvas, Library Science credit courses, one-on-one reference assistance, and LibGuides. Please see the boxes below for more information on our programs.

For over 15 years academic librarians relied on the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education to teach information literacy. Each standard included a set of outcomes, which proved especially useful when Foothill College began to emphasize student learning outcomes. In 2016, however, ACRL instigated a sea change in the way we think about information literacy with its Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, a guide based on threshold concepts, i.e. the ways of thinking about a field, usually new and transformative, that a student must grasp in order to progress in studying and understanding the subject. Like most college librarians across the country, the librarians at Foothill are adopting the new framework as a basis for our instruction program. For more information on the Framework, please visit the library's ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education LibGuide.

What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy is the ability to recognize when information is needed and then to find, evaluate and use that information in an ethical way.

The information literate student has the skills necessary to perform well academically, be ready for the challenges of transferring to a four year school or entering the workforce and function as a productive citizen.

Reference Services

Reference Desk




Librarians are available for one-on-one research assistance at the Reference Desk all hours  that the Library is open. No appointment is necessary. In addition, students may request research assistance via chat or email from the Library homepage.

Students can also schedule an appointment with a librarian directly.

Library Science Credit Courses

Currently, the Library offers a 1 unit course, LIBR 10 - Research Paper Search Strategies. This course is intended for students writing a research paper in another class. Strategies and methods to identify a research topic and then find and evaluate information in various formats to meet the identified information needed. Consideration of the ethical and legal uses of information will be covered. Interdisciplinary application of concepts, often covering multicultural topics will also be addressed. For more information, see the Course Outline.


Course-related Instruction

  • Would you like to arrange a library tour for your class?
  • Would you like to take advantage of librarians' expertise in helping your students complete assignments?
  • Would you like to discuss with librarians specific information needs of your class?
  • Would you like to collaborate with librarians on designing class activities and/or assignments ?

A Foothill librarian would be happy to provide instruction to your students in the use of our online and print resources and on how to develop effective research strategies. Your students will learn how to find, use, evaluate, and understand the legal implications of the use of information for class assignments and life-long learning.

These sessions are most effective when:

  • Your students have a class assignment that directly relates to the library instruction,
  • You accompany your class,
  • Scheduling requests are received at least ONE WEEK in advance to allow for adequate planning.

Canvas Information Literacy Modules

information literacy module

To complement the library's on-campus instruction program, the library now offers Information Literacy Modules in Canvas which faculty are welcome to import into their online course. There are currently 5 modules that can be imported: General, Biology & Allied Health, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Counseling. Each module includes information on how to develop a research topic, how to find reliable resources, and how to cite and avoid plagiarism. Foothill faculty can find the modules be visiting this link: 

Directions on importing a Canvas course export package can be found by visiting this link:

Request a LibGuide for Your Class!

LibGuides are course or subject specific resources created by Foothill College librarians to assist faculty and students. Guides provide direct access to relevant library materials and web resources for course and project work.  A link to a LibGuide can be placed directly on a course page and is an option for providing instruction on library resources to online learners. Our Off-Campus Library Services LibGuide is a great starting point for students doing research remotely.

Browse all the Foothill College LibGuides, and then contact a librarian to start building a library guide that meets your students' information needs. Watch the following video for more info:

Request Synchronous or Asynchronous Instructional Support

To schedule a synchronous (either in-person or via Zoom) library orientation for your students or to request development of online instructional support materials (online tutorials, research guides, Canvas modules, handouts, etc), please:

  • Email the Instruction Librarian, Micaela Agyare, during the fall, winter and spring quarters OR
  • Contact the Reference Librarian during summer session at (650) 949-7608 OR
  • Submit your request online