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Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month: BOOKS & READINGS

In celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders, this guide lists campus events, books, articles and websites on Asian Pacific Islanders.

How to Search for Books

Books on Asian and Pacific Island Culture available at the library are shown on this page along with instructions on finding additional books in the library collection.   

Conduct a search on the Library Catalog by keyword ("everything"), author, title, or subject heading.  Useful subject headings for locating  books on Asian Pacific Islanders are listed below.  

Books available for borrowing are located in the stacks.  Ask a librarian for help locating a book.  

Finding Books Using Subject Searches

Find books in the library stacks and Ebooks about Asian Pacific Islanders by conducting a Subject search through the Library Catalog and Ebooks links on the library homepage.  Below are terms to use for a subject search.   

          Asian American
          Asian Americans
          Asia - Emigration and Immigration 
          Pacific Islander Americans
          Korean Americans
          Japanese Americans
          Chinese Americans
          Vietnamese Americans
          China- History
          Vietnam - History
          China - Social Life and Customs
          Japan - Social Life and Customs
          Asia - Religion
          Asian American Art
          American Literature - Asian American

Finding Primary Sources Using Subject Searches

Find primary source material in the library by conducting a subject search in the Library Catalog using the following terms:

          Personal Narratives

Use these subject terms alone to retrieve primary sources on a variety of subjects, or with topical terms to find primary sources on a specific subject.


Library of Congress: Asian Pacific American Month
Site provides links to events, exhibits and information on Asian Pacific Heritage Month.  It also provides information on public laws, presidential proclamations and congressional resolutions relating to Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

Smithsonian Asian Pacific Center
The center provides vision, leadership, and support for Asian and Pacific Islander American initiatives for the Smithsonian.

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
Information about the "Ellis Island of the West" through which immigrants from Asia and the Pacific enter the United States.

National Register of Historic Places: Asian-Pacific American National Heritage Month
This registry, which is part of the National Parks Service, showcases historic properties that highlight important aspects of the Asian and Pacific experiences in America.

Chinese American Museum
The mission of the museum is to foster an understanding and appreciation of America's diverse heritage of Chinese Americans.

Japanese American Museum
In conjunction with the American Tapestry exhibition: interviews, videos, art and other media about the Japanese-American experience.

Chinese Historical Society of America
Located in San Francisco, this Society is dedicated to the documentation, and presentation of Chinese American history through exhibitions, publications and educational programs.

National Japanese American Historical Society
Located in San Francisco, this society is dedicated to the collection, preservation, interpretation and sharing of historical information about the Japanese American experience.

Korean American Historical Society
Located in Seattle, Washington, this society is dedicated to the collective memory of Korean Americans through collecting, maintaining and transmitting the heritage and achievement of Koreans living in the United States.

Asian Pacific Fund
A Bay Area community foundation established to improve the health and well being of Asian Americans.