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Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month: ASIAN & PACIFIC ISLANDER HERITAGE MONTH 2023

In celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders, this guide lists campus events, books, articles and websites on Asian Pacific Islanders.

Click here to find out about events happening virtually at Foothill. 

Asian Pacific Islanders Heritage Month

Foothill College celebrates:
Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month during the month of April. 

In 2020 Foothill faculty, staff and students along with community leaders have planned an exciting month of cultural activities to commemorate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Events include cultural celebrations, a lecture series with guest speakers and Wellness Workshops, all of these are happening virutally. 

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month is sponsored by the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC).
Admission is free. 

For additional information:
Call (650) 949-7060

Click on the tabs above to find resources on Asian Pacific Islanders available through Foothill Library.