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Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month: VIDEOS

In celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders, this guide lists campus events, books, articles and websites on Asian Pacific Islanders.

Videos about Asian Pacific Americans Available Through Films on Demand


FILMS ON DEMAND is a database of documentaries in streaming video format accessible on the Foothill Library web page.  Below is a list of films about Asian Pacific Islanders available through Films on Demand

Becoming American: The Chinese Experience
Through interviews with historians, descendants and recent immigrants this set of Bill Moyer documentary explores what it means to become American, and what is lost and what is gained in the process.

The New Generation: Vietnamese Americans Today
Through interviews with first and second-generation Vietnamese-Americans, this program documents the process of assimilation into American culture of refugees from the former  Republic of Vietnam.

Chinatown: Strangers in a Strange Land
Chinese ancestors journeyed across the globe to new frontiers, becoming one of the most successful immigrant groups in North America.  Their struggles were many as they settled in poor tenement sections that came to be known as Chinatown.  This program takes viewers inside Chinatown to view the Chinese-American experience through the eyes of the people who live it every day.  

No Turning Back
The new immigration laws of 1964 were a turning point for the Chinese in America and allowed a new wave of immigrants to enter the United States.  This Bill Moyers program presents portraits of the new Chinese Americans as they struggle to adapt to a new american life. 

David Henry Hwang
David Henry Hwang has experienced stereotyping firsthand.  Through his work as a playwright he strives to dispell stereotypical portrayals of Asian Americans.

Gold Mountain Dreams
In the 1840s, civil war and famine in southern China drove thousands of young men to see their fortune in the California Gold rush.  This program traces the Chinese experience in America, from their welcome in san Francisco through the Gold Rush and building of the Transcontinental Railroad to the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act banning their entry into the United States.

Nisei and Issei of Crenshaw Boulevard
Immigration, racial identity, education, economic development -- all of these issues converge on Crenshaw Boulevard, a 23-mile urban artery running through South Los Angeles.  This segment, Nisei and Issei of Crenshaw Boulevard, is part of the program Crenshaw Boulevard: L.A.'s Artery of Deversity.  Japanese-Americans have a long history in the Crenshaw District and this segment profiles a young Japanese American woman living in this district.

The Fall of Saigon and the South Vietnamese Exodus to America
As communism tightened its grip on what was once South Vietnam, a stream of refugees poured into America.  This program uses interviews and archival footage to demonstrate the strength of the Vietnamese who faced many hardships in their escape to the United States following the fall of Saigon.

Not Your Model Minority

How to Use Films on Demand

The following files will give you a quick introduction on how to find, organize, and share films from Films on Demand. To see frequently asked questions on how to use Films on Demand, click on the FAQ tab above.

How to View Films on Demand Off Campus

Foothill students, faculty, and staff can all access videos off campus via the Films on Demand page. Click 0n the Films on Demand link located on the Foothill Library home page. You will be prompted to enter your student or employee ID to log in.